Workshop Livro 7 Cordas – Técnica e Estilo

"Projetos", by: - 1 de December de 2016


The workshop is based on the method “7 Strings, Technique and Style” written by Rogério Caetano in partnership with guitarist Marco Pereira.

The work presents the state of the art of the seven – string guitar in Brazil, through Rogério Caetano ‘s guitar practices, which translates the encounter of tradition with renewal.

The book includes a CD with recorded examples and organizes the technical procedures of the seven string guitar according to two guidelines.

On the one hand, it contemplates the legacy left by the musicians who marked the history of the seven string guitar in Brazil in the choro and samba schools, in particular.

And, on the other hand, it presents the way in which the new generation of musicians reveres the previous generations, appropriating this legacy and transforming it in living dialogue with the society in which it is manifested.

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